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You Can Be the One to Train a nurse

By sponsoring a student, you can make a direct investment in the student's life and future. With a nursing cerificate, our graduates obtain good paying jobs, build fulfilling careers, care for their families, and revitalize their communities by providing health care. Nurses play a big role in a patient’s recovery they do not only give medicine to patients but also go further to what a patient needs. It is the nurses who feed doctors with information; they will tell the doctor if their prescription is wrong, tell the doctor the prescription is an overdose, tell the doctor the patient will react to their prescription and suggests what could work.

A one-year sponsorship at $1,500 can provide a full year of training at Uganda Nursing School Bwindi to help ensure that a student persists in college and ultimately graduates. You can support a student for 3 years (a student's entire training career) with a $4,500 sponsorship.

Capital Projects

  • US $250,000 a fully equipped dormitory to accommodate more students.
  • US $25,000: 50 computers each @ US $500.

Service Delivery

  • US $180,000: Operating cost support for the nurses’ training school.
  • US $45,000: A vehicle for administration operations.
  • US $18,000 maintains the school internet at 3mbps for a year.

More information can be obtained through:
Tel: 039-2001825 or 0776-789151