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Expansion of the girl's dormitory

Expansion Of The Girl's Dormitory.

What we need to improve the nursing education in Bwindi.

Funding priorities:

Capital Projects

  • US $200,000; A Library block with a spacious simulation lab capable of accommodating all students for their practical exams.
  • US $50,000 Expansion of the girl’s dormitory.
  • US $25,000: 50 computers each @ US $500.
  • Construction of additional Dormitory to accommodate more students - 48,000 USD.

Service Delivery

  • US $180,000: Operating cost support for the nurses’ training school.
  • US $18,000 maintains the school internet at 3mbps for a year.
  • US $1500 pays a student’s tuition for a year.

More information can be obtained through:
Tel: 039-2001825 or 0776-789151

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