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We recently on 11th March 2017 graduated 36 top notch nurses and midwives who are now working in Uganda and particularly with rural communities in Uganda. The graduates are reported to be very skilled and knowledgeable and pass the registration interviews with the nursing council highly. Above all the graduates from UNSB are able to apply both sonography (obstetric ultrasound) and nursing or midwifery skills to save lives and improve on health.

UNSB considers all students and treats them equally including those from the marginalized groups like Batwa pygmies trains them and builds the culture of health workers in them. No wonders the graduates are able to perform beyond expectations in the villages. We are happy that our very first graduation was graced by the First lady who is also the minister of Education and sports. She pointed out that health workers need to put the health of patients first.

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Inaugural UNSB cultural Gala
The First lady and the Bishop of Kinkiizi Diocese standing with UNSB's first graduates.


For the first time in its existence, Uganda Nursing School Bwindi has admitted a Batwa pigimie.

Godfrey Mugarura reported to UNSB on 14th November 2016 becoming the first mutwa to enroll for certificate in Nursing. This makes UNSB the first Health training institution in Uganda to enroll one of the Batwa pigmies.

Mugarura is looking forward to becoming a nurse. He says, “I want to become a health worker so that I can help my people”

Since time immemorial, the Batwa pygmies of Bwindi impenetrable forest lived on only natural raw foods. Their health was mainly supported by the herbs drawn from the forest since 2003. Making them appreciate modern medicine has been a problem. HIV has become very prevalent among them and also some communicable preventable diseases.

UNSB is one of the few institutions which have joined the struggle to support the pygmies so as to train their own who would in turn help the rest in their villages.

Group II cultural group, wins the inaugural UNSB cultural Gala

Group II Cultural group, has won the Uganda Nursing School Bwindi inaugural Cultural Gala that was organized by the students Guild Body at UNSB Campus.

Group II members carried away a fatty goat at the end of the event on Friday the 19th of August 2016. The theme of the event was “How culture affects Health”. This event will organized annually and it brings together students to showcase different cultures to compete for the best position in various activities like the folk song, traditional dances, poems, short plays, dressing among other activities.

Inaugural UNSB cultural Gala
Dr. Scott Kellerman handing over the goat to the winners of the Inaugural UNSB Cultural Gala, group II members

Bwindi Community Hospital’s Executive director Dr Birungi Mutahunga said the gala was a wonderful event that showcased a diversity of cultures and students talent.

The results were as follows

Group II – First Position
Group III- Second position
Group I- Third position.
Best Poem- Group 1
Best Folk Song –Group II
Best Traditional Song Group I

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Prior to Uganda Nursing School Bwindi’s (UNSB’s) launch, a high-level nursing education program was greatly needed in south western Uganda. Health workers are exceedingly scarce, as elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, and the burden of health care delivery typically falls to a cadre of trained nurses. Operating alongside Bwindi Community Hospital, it was envisioned that this nursing school would be the premier nursing school in south western Uganda. Read More..


Uganda Nursing School Bwindi located in Bwindi Kanungu district wishes to inform all interested students that have completed senior Six, and senior four that we are now officially receiving applications for the May and September 2017 diploma and certificate program intakes respectively.

Senior six leavers must have a principal pass in either Biology or Chemistry, while senior four leavers must have passed all their science subjects inclusive of maths and English.

We are also receiving applications for the Diploma extension Program in midwifery and nursing. Applicants must have certificates in their respective courses with a two year working experience.

Applications can be delivered to Uganda Nursing School Bwindi or sent through unsbwindi@gmail.com

The training is assisted by digital technology and each student is given an Ipad or kindle as a learning aid.

More information can be obtained through:
Tel: 0783-326841 or 0776-789151
Email: unsbwindi@gmail.com